Writing Letters!

Modern technology! The more we seem to use the modern technology the more we seem to be making several arts archiac! One of it is the art of writing letters. When I first came to United States, one of the several directions given to me was to write letters to them regularly. I devotedly used to follow that, and write to them regularly, atleast once in a fortnight. My father has preserved them all to this day! Anyways, coming to the point! In the modern days, no wonder, we have the e-mail, which has infact gotten rid of the snail-mail, or letter as we know of it!!
It has infact brought people from all around the world so close! The thing that has me tongue-tied, is that, now even writing mails seems to be an arduous task! I sit for hours together, and writing even a couple of lines seems highly impossible! What is so tough in conjuring up some words of enquiry and goodwill?! I wonder!
There are moments when words just fail to turn up in your mind, how much ever you fret and frown! Then there are moments, when a verbal avalanche seems to be set lose in your mind. Whatever be the issue, writing seems to be in need of a revival ! There are ofcourse different methods to do this. Technology has brought to us different techniques, including blogging!
But somewhere amidst all this, the mind still longs for the days when the arrival of the postman would fill my heart with excitement at the thought of a letter, carrying personally handwritten feelings by a heart somewhere that was thinking about me!

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    • Sham on September 1, 2005 at 7:17 PM
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    nija. If this is the state of things for writing letters, imagine writting letters in kannada.. nijavaglu bhaya aagatte.. but i guess in these cases, it is best not to project today’s problems to the future.. the future would then seem so bleak..

    Coming to writing letters and thinking in particular, is this an indication of us becoming techno-zombies?

    thanks for visiting my blogs. keep blogging!
    naavu kannadigaragi americadallu istu hattiradalliddu eega parichaya aagtha iradu vishadakara.. innumeladru nimma blogige regular visitor aagirtheeni

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