It is 11:10 PM and the day hasn’t yet ended as yet! I stand infront of the mirror and somehow, I have become a stranger to myself! This is a part of me that I am not familiar with! A part that consciously hurts someone! A part that is so rude and nasty at the same time as it is kind, gentle and understanding.
Have you ever felt turning into one of the very, most horrifying person you have always despised in your thoughts?!! It is so much like changing into a were-wolf on a full moon day!! What made this metamorphosis happen so suddenly, I am not able to confess!! All I can say is, this is one person who I cannot claim as me and yet is so much me! How can I turn so ghostly as to hurt someone’s emotions! Knowing what hurts a person and irrevocably inflict the same damage!! But all I can say is, I did this to avoid further pains! But yet, wasn’t it my presence which indeed caused all this to come forth! Maybe if I wasn’t there none of it would’ve happened! God! What kindof a torture is this, that I cannot even share with anyone! A pain that I shall have to carry to the grave with me! Why make me bear this burden!
Help me! Plz! Help me!


    • Kishan on July 26, 2005 at 12:07 PM
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    I feel similar When I lose my temper and shout at my father. I feel All Though I was right I shouldnt have shouted at him…I am a bad boy in this aspect…

    last night It so happened that I shouted at him. He went to sleep I felt so Guilty that I wrote a letter to him explaining my points and apologiizng for my actions…when I woke up this morning the letter was not there in its place he had read it…
    He hadnt spoken a word about it, but things are quite sorted now, I am feeling less guilty…

    • Manjesh on July 28, 2005 at 8:15 PM
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    enlaa adu ninna problemmu…

    ondereDu dina rest tago.. ella sari hogutte(oops aagle 2days aagogide). ella sari hoita?

    • Madhuri on August 7, 2005 at 1:07 PM
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    Can relate to this too…very well as a matter of fact! Cos even I, at the moment, am feeling the same way. Hope things are good on your side now 🙂

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