Deja vu!!!

What is the first thing you do, when you get up in the morning? Somehow, it seems to have a bearing on all the day through, isn’t it? Well, like me for instance, I like to get up, bow to God! and then I go out of my apartment and take a deep breathe of the fresh morning air, looking up at the rising Sun!! And as the cold air, filters down to the lungs, can feel my whole body openin’ up flutterin’ itself off the weariness of sleep, just like a bird shakes off the water droplets on its feathers after a nice bath!! I do it almost everyday, giving myself quota of the fresh life, that every human being so much deserves!!
Have you ever had a feeling, when you look at a situation/a setting or a scene in your everday life, that you had indeed seen it before? A sudden occurrance, or a talk with someone, a unique scenery suddenly doesn’t seem so exclusive! The mind seems to have thrashed out some old remembrance and shoved it right out, startling you, as if this indeed had happened in the past! Subconscious registries open up, revealing the exact details and filling you with awe! When I mentioned this to Saumya today, she said, it was the deja-vu. I looked up the dictionary..and bingo..found the meaning! It is “The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time“.
Wonder if it would ever happen similarly with people! When you meet someone for the first time, and yet it seems as if you had known them for years together! And even strangers, strangely enough, don’t seem so! And what is that stranger was a girl! Someone, you feel you knew from a long time since, and lost her inbetween! What if shez returned.. and you don’t wanna lose her again?!What would I do? I dunno… but probably, when this happens, and when I do whatever it is that I shall do, I may probably feel, that I had done it already! Is this what lifetimes of Love means? (Or is it just that I am hopelessly romantic today!). week has begun….

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