Have you watched “Finding Neverland”? If you haven’t I do strongly suggest that you do. The story is all about how Barrie was inspired to write “Peter Pan“. The one aspect of the movie that is specifically intended to stand out is the power of imagination! “Believe in it strongly” – Barrie says, “and it will come to be true”. So what is the toughest part in this procedure? Imagining? Or believing? In our day to day lives, haven’t we ever dreamed of things? The magnitude of the cosmos, the creation, the life we live in our future, the girl we would want in our life! We dream, we imagine! It really doesn’t seem to be that hard. But believing!! Oh yeah! there the red flag goes up! We are bombarded with questions of “logic”, questions of “knowledge”, and before we know, we wake up from our dreams and laugh them out! The belief that is needed to buoy our imaginations crumble right infront of our eyes and we are left staring at the stark naked reality! A reality that we have resigned ourselves to! A reality that we have come to accept as ours, no matter how depressing it is, or how unwilling we are! Is this what being adult is all about? To be rid of our beliefs? To accept our shortcomings and learn to live with them, rather than out grow them? If one looks at the alter occupied by the achievers, one would tend to see an inherent child-like stubborness in each of ’em that just refused to accept the so called “reality” portrayed by “adulthood”. Peter Pan, represents that child-spirit which must not die in us! The quest to remain ever-young! The fountain of youth, is then inside us! It is our imaginations! And it is our belief in them! What am I doing?! I am imagining eternal youth residing in me! Do I believe in it? You are damn right I do!This is the sheer beauty of children! Time to get back to that blessedness!

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