Not quite another weekend!!!

Ok!! So… know what? My weekend has been quite unlike my many others. Know why?! Well for one, I was among the millions who stood waitin’ with bated breathe for the moment when world over the 6th Harry Potter book got released!!! It was fun! Me and my friends went to this really kewl Mexican restaurant El Paisa..(where you see, I developed this cool idea that somehow the mexicans and Indians are related… look at the name of the restaurant!!!!). Hmmm! anyways..enough of idle musings!
So after that I went to Barnes and Noble! It was so much fun! Little kids dressed as witches, wizards, Potter, Professor Dumbledore,, were running around. The whole environment was charged with excitement and expectation of something phenomenal. Well Barnes and Noble had this facility to reserve the book; and me, as lazy that I am, went over there just a few hours before the release and so was tagged with an orange band and asked to wait till the reserved copies were all distributed. Now, my excitement was too hard to be contained, and I took my friend and hurried over to the Walmart, just across B & N, and bingo! Right on 12 past one minute, I was walkin’ away jubiliantly, posessing a brand new copy of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. Then we coolly strolled over the B & N and started sporting the book around like hundreds others who were gathered there!
I caught some glimpses of the book and its contents, and immediately realized who was dying in this part :(. And believe me, my heart wrenched :(. Anyways.. its been about 24 hrs and 10 mins since I am in possession of that book, and I have completed 10 chapters already!!! This one seems a lot better than the Order of Phoenix.
Anyways, the Saturday was just the usual stuff. In between of my reading managed to lazily watch an awful disney flick “The Princess Diary” – Gosh!!! Can’t believe they still think such “gurly” movies run!!!
And what a way to end the night…. than watching “Exorcist-The Beginning” at freakin’ 12:00 AM. ewwww….jibbers… shivers…. but nothing when compared to the sheer agony thinking of the week that is coming up!!!
Ah. well…..

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