The Sound of Music!!!

Music! Isn’t it just the most marvelous thing the Lord has gifted us! The wonderful symphony of birds singing each morning, the soft whisper of the winds as they brush through the leaves.. makin’ them sing in a tune of their own! The distant call of flock of birds! The babble of the brooks! Everything seems to be orchestrated with perfect harmony and synchornization by a divine Master!
Has it ever occurred to you that somehow the nature seems to respond to your moods and whims?! I know its just my imagination.. but still! When I am upbeat and joyful (which I am most of the times..), I can feel the birds upbeat and joyful too! Not just the birds, the clouds, the squirrels, the flowers, the plants, the trees, everything!!!! It’s as if the nature is celebrating with me!!!!
So also, on the flip side of it, whenever I am sad, there seems a strange melancholy descending from the environs around me!!! I like to talk to the plants and trees! I feel they are all trying to tell me something. They are my best counsels! ‘Coz they just listen to me! Isn’t that what the best is supposed to do first of all!!! I dunno how crazy man kind wud’ve been if it wasn’t for music! It is probably one of the best sane thing in an otherwise insane world! So as my favorite band ABBA wud say… “Thank you for the music.. the songs and singing!!!” 🙂

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