The legacy of writing!!!

Has it ever occurred to you that on certain days, the mind just seems to run out of ideas! I mean.. its been almost 7 days since my last entry in the blog! Today, as I sat down to write, there seemed to be a crunch in the bag of ideas that otherwise used to overflow!!! So, I decided to write about WRITING! creative eh?
I enjoy writing (do not trust what the year old journal has to say about this… 😉 ), I enjoy playing with words! Dressing my deep felt ideas and thoughts in the razzle-dazzle of vocabulary that would probably have the reader either perplexed or spellbounded!!! (and sometimes just bored). When I was young, I used to write my own comic books!! (how cool is that!) They all had mythological themes, and I used to draw the pictures, write the dialogues and read ’em during my free time!!! As the interest matured, I started writing small books for my own amusement, that detailed on the culture and spirituality of India. My first poem, that I can recollect clearly was “Life Come to an End!” that won me a State Award. And then I started writing a lot of ’em and finally had my collection of it – “Hope and Despair”. In between I had started writing my journal chroniclin’ my life all the way, and had already finished 4 big journal books. (I thoroughly enjoyed finishing the note books.. it gave me a sense of achievement!!!)
Then for the first time “Soliloquies in Hiding” was born in paper format .. hehehehe!!! It has evolved all the way and now is here as a blog!!! Anyways, after that came a book “A Contemporary Analysis of the Characterization and Psychology of Mahabharata”. This I’d say was a rather audacious attempt by me, at such a young age!!! (I was probably 18 yrs old!) Infact I had even dared to translate a few classics to Kannada – Robinson Crusoe, Oliver Twist and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. These days I have started to write more in Kannada (something which I must have done a long while ago). Poems, essays, short stories, and infact 2 novels!!! Ain’t it cool? hehehehe… yeah… its been a long journey for me as a “writer”. I don’t know how far it will continue. As I said, somedays I just seem to run out of ideas, or the urge to write just vanishes into the void!
Then again, somewhere from a distance, there is a beckonin’ call! That just seems to grow louder and louder and finally irresistable… I just have to answer it… and I collect my pen and paper.. and sit down for another legacy to start!


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    • Kishan on July 8, 2005 at 5:07 AM
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    “A Contemporary Analysis of the Characterization and Psychology of Mahabharata”

    Phew! Publish that book at least on the net!

    And You have that Writer in You!!!
    So Keep writing and posting it….

    • Kishan on July 15, 2005 at 5:39 AM
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    Praveena! Super Looks Kano!
    Theme Change Gave a fresh look to ur blog.Guruve, Blog madappa….
    Dialog hodibeku andhre…

    “Ninna Blog Update Agdhe irodhu Nodi Nodi Kannu Sothogidhe”


    • Praveen on July 15, 2005 at 5:41 AM
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    hey..actually eraDu mUru kaDe blog maaDtiddIni kishan.. so ellA oTTige maintain maaDOdu kaShTa aagtide. links sidenalli koTTiddIni nODu.
    ellA Odu.. 😀

    • Kishan on July 16, 2005 at 4:20 AM
    • Reply na looks super agidhe kano!
    Talent itidhyappa! *panta*

    Anyways Nidhanakke Odhthini elavannu

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