Trees For Life!

After ages, today I will be going back to Trees For Life! A moment of nostalgia! I remember the time I had fallen sick seriously and after recovering, decided to get into community service, for reasons known to only me!
Anyways, I am glad that I came in touch with this organization. My work was related to helping them with their multi-media learning software for poor children all over the world. I worked on the hindi and kannada versions of the software, making animations, and building stories for children!
Funny enough, it was I who learned a lot more, than what I had to give! The selfless nature of the people over there, the contentment they seem to radiate in their whole being! The happiness they spread… the huge bear hug I always received by David! It healed me of many pains – physical and mental! There is one belief they always nurture, David keeps telling it again and again… “This place is a heaven. And whosoever enters through the front door, is an angel!” Today the time has come to rejoin the divinity! It is so true, Balbir’s work has indeed shown happiness to thousands of families across the world! Their concern and love for mankind is a unique one, in that, it is not just words, but actions, silent actions like high frequence sound, that mere mortals like us, caught up in the mundane affairs, never will be able to hear! To hear it, one needs to be elevated on the platform of life! One needs to be human in true sense of the word. It is time to again get connected with it.. and I am happy, very happy!

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    • Kishan on June 21, 2005 at 12:40 PM
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    Hey Praveen,
    Had less works since last two days! I have been reading each of your blog in details. I liked your blogs and the way your write.

    Keep Going!


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