Snubby is the name of my Pet dog – a cross bred Pomerian. My parents presented him to me for my 13th B’day! I remember the day he was brought.. hehehehe.. my father brought him in a basket!! The first thing he did as soon as he came to the house was to poop in the front yard! Had a tough time maintaining him during the younger days but the things did ease off as he grew. It was as if we had a younger brother! Sounds funny? I dunno, maybe thatz how it is with dogs(for a starter I hated to call him a dog)! He was white all over, except for his brown ears and black eyes! Over a very short period of time, I got extremely attached to Snubby. So much so that, I wouldn’t go out with my parents for fear that Snubby would be upset! And it was so indeed!!!
One day, we all went to a movie, and we hadn’t even turned at the road end, and Snubby started crying at the top of his voice! Believe it or not, I just cudn’t go any further, I asked my parents and brother to carry on, and ran back to this kid of mine!!! The most funny aspect was related to bathing Snubby! Surprisingly enough he wouldn’t let anyone bathe him other than me. I used to bathe him in the backyard! He used to stand posing like a king, while I, like an attendant would wash him all over *deep sighs*. Much as he would make me mad with his small tantrums, there were moments when he would make me cry! His health would suddenly deteriorate, and he would stop eating. Boy! that would make me so tense!!
There have been so many moments of happiness and desperation that I shared with my Snubby. Once, I got my visa to leave to America, I used to tease him a lot, saying that there won’t be any attendants to bathe him! He was always ahead of me anyhow… Snubby, passed away suddenly just 2 days before I left to USA.


    • Kishan on June 20, 2005 at 8:28 AM
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    oh! So Sad!
    must be because of the Age! and also because of the sorrow that you would leave him…
    I remember few years back my cousin’s daughter (then 13 yr Old) started pestering her parents for a brother. She was like very sad that she didnt have a brother/sister and she is feeling alone. To console her, Her parent bought her a “german Sheppard” …And my cousin till now calls the dogs (dogs! yes, it fathered a puppy 2 years back), her children 🙂 other than her daughter…

    • Praveen on June 20, 2005 at 5:22 PM
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    German sheppards!! cool dude! I can sure understand how happy she will be now!
    Saw your blog.. its getting interesting.. day by day 🙂

    • Kishan on June 21, 2005 at 8:09 AM
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    Thanks Praveen!

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