Idle musings!!

Had been out for a walk! Rather cold wind, froze my nose red! It is so tough to keep your mind calm, and not let it think about anything. I tried a lot, the wind raging outside was no match to the one inside. I like going around the campus of my University. There are calm and peaceful spots that I have marked and visit them quite often. Inspite of the cold wind, I did enjoy going back to those familiar spots. My mind has conversed a lot with the plants, the trees and the flowers over there; silent statues that give you company, the squirrels who have so much taken a liking to me, that they now share the peanuts off my own hands.
There is something that has to be said about going on walks alone. I’m not a loner, mind u – can be a party rocker any day. But when it is solitude that one is seeking, there is no better companion than one self. Today was one of those moments. The new moon was pretty. I liked it. The slight arch, was showing blood red today – rare and a beautiful sight. I took a long walk, trying to feel the nature around me.
The flowers have started to bloom. I held a couple of ’em in my hand.. tender petals that seemed to be softly smiling… like a half asleep child being rocked in the warmth of its mother’s bosom. Spring is setting its foot. There is something so refreshing about spring… its probably the beginning of life. A new beginning heralded by the wondrous colorful and decorated nature. Its a celebration of life, and I wanna be a part of it.


    • samanvitha on April 23, 2005 at 12:18 AM
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    loneliness can transform your thoughts in a magical way, I find it extremely therapeutic to get away from everything, yes including the things and people you love and just go and spend some time alone with nature and let my mind wander around freely. It gives me an amazing sense of peace within myself.

    • Kishan on June 22, 2005 at 4:09 PM
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    Hey ! praveen. You are So “Piscean”!!! Especially this post.

    Your blog took me to a similar walk. I dont know what But something’s pulling me back to read your blogs!!!
    I have given almost two vists a day to ur blog since last week!

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