MS Subbulakshmi – The Divinity of Classical Music

Smt. M S Subbulakshmi, is a name that is sychoronous with Classical Carnatic music. I am at a loss of words to describe her, suffice it to say that she was my “maanasa guru” – a teacher I followed by my heart. I have learnt numerous stotras and songs by listening her sing. I have followed her style albeit, not her dedication and proficiency. The thing that most set apart MS from other stalwarts was probably the way her rendering of the songs was seethed with emotions. Several of her songs –
“Jo Acyutaananda”
“Bhaavayami Raghuramam”
“Bhaavayami Gopalabalam”
have brought tears to my eyes, by touching my heart with their devotion. Her very form was so divine, that it would make any person around her be touched by a deep sense of well being and a strange feeling of being in the presence of something pure, great, and ethereal. The very fact that I am feeling so happy writing about her, stands as testimony how a true artist can touch the life of even a remotely obscure person such as me. I wonder how many people she has touched so. Can’t really believe she passed away! No, she didn’t.
jayanti te sukrutino rasa siddhaaH kavIshwaraaH
nAsti tEShaaM yaShaH kaaye jaraa maraNajaM bhayaM

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