Such is the human nature!!!

Man is probably the most complex of all the beings. Not just anatomically but psychologically, philosophically and what not. What is it that makes him so complex? Is it the plethora of thoughts that run in his mind? Is it the pattern of those thoughts, that are just so undiscernable even by the most sophisticated machines? After all, all this sophistication was also a result of that brain-power!
How often I have marvelled at the thought process. Why do we think all that we think? And what influences our thoughts? Rather, how are we so influenced by our thoughts? What exactly are these thoughts, that are so powerful that they can actually destroy or develop their own originators! These questions have still remained unanswered, questions that often sway along in the idle mind, that indulges itself in such musings.
So, they say, society influences the mind, upbringing, environment influences the mind, the company one keeps, and these days, even food seems to influence our thought process. So much for man calling himself independent eh?
Whatever it is, the whole thought process of the man seems to be bordering on the perilious frames of self-destruction. What more, in his mindless dance, he is not even realizing that the evil he is brewing for his fellows will consume him too!
Friends are not really friends, lovers not the true loved ones, hypocrism galore …. amidst this chaos, I am searching for the solitude and peacefulness of the heavenly bliss of love! Will I find it? Can I make others see it? I just want to shoot these questions out, and let them drift off in the space. Another new addition, to the mass of such void questions waiting eternally for an answer.

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