My first blog!!!

Hmm… rather interesting. Isn’t it? It is like that odd feeling one probably gets, when going out on the first date! To kiss or not to kiss goodnite. This is my first blog, and yet, am quite clueless about what I want to write here! Well things apart, lemme get to the basics, ahem!

Name: Praveen Shivashankar

What am I doing?: Interesting question… and am still clueless about the answer, suffice it to say that I am a Master’s Student.

My Interests: Hmm… now that’s something, where shall I start? Drawing, Painting, Reading, Writing (Poems, Stories, essays), Philosophy, Psychology, Spritualism, Dance, Classical and light music, Astronomy, Quantum mechanics, Vedic mathematics, and so on.

Well, things did warm up a bit eh? Good! Let’s hope this doesn’t end up becoming one of those numerous one night stands I have had in terms of blogging and writing in my journal and the like.

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