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I wouldn’t say am a great photographer. But yeah, I do love some of the pics I’ve clicked. So here it goes.. 🙂

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  1. Lalith Kumar

    Hi Praveen,

    I was going throught your website and was a bit impressed on the study done by you on the south Indian classical music,, one humble request,,, can you please let me know from where i can download even if it is a paid website of the Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis sung by MS Subbalakshmi.

    Lalith Kumar

  2. Your Highness

    Hi Lalith,

    Am not sure if there are any website for purchasing these songs. I am sure there should be. But you’ll find most of the pancharatna krithis on musicindiaonline.com. Alternately you’ll find many music stores (I remember seeing it in Calypso) having the collection. I’ll surely try to check out the websites too.


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