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because they define?!

May 03

Ramblings on the way home….

Disclaimer:  When one writes with a rather pissed off outlook, seldom would they write about anything cheerful. So, my readers will have to bear with me on this post. 🙂 Traveling home in Bangalore traffic on a rainy day, can be either an enchanting experience, or a harrowing and excruciating torture depending on what one …

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Jan 20

In memory of Thatha…

My earliest recollection of my grandfather (paternal) is one of sitting on his lap, as he would patiently read to me stories from resplendantly colored books, with lot of animated characters in them. More often than not, they were all stories of Gods, demigods, their progenies – describing various adventures and pastimes. My mom, often says that the …

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Mar 01

Life… In a Metro – 2

Another song that I have really treasured in the movie is “Rishtey toh nahin..” sung by James and written by Syed Quadri and music by Pritam Chakraborthy. It has been a long time since a hard hitting song like this has been penned. Frankly the song holds mirror to many of the modern day relationships. …

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Mar 15

(No title)

Had a rather long day! Long, not because of its duration, but more because of all that was done! Somehow my day seems to start at 6 in the morning, and winds all the way up till 2 AM in the middle of the night. Am I burning my energy off..? I dunno! Am I …

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