Category: Rants

Oct 01

‘Strik(e)’ing Mania

This morning I indeed experienced the bout of Monday Blues as I flipped the newspaper open.  The very first page was populated with the news concerning the increase in the bus fares, the Cauvery water crisis, and the upcoming strike by the petrol pump owners resulting in the mad rush to get the fuel.  By …

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Jul 22

Changing Landscapes: In Memory of a City

I have often described myself as a Bangalorean at heart. Having been born and brought up in here, it has certainly become an integral part of my identity as has the fact that I am a kannadiga. Born in and spending nearly 11 years in the waft of pristine Malleshwaram air with green parks and beautiful spacious …

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Oct 12

Dejected & Depressed

I have started to hate myself and my posts off late! If anyone out there is still visiting this website and actually still reading my posts, well, my condolences to your common sense and my “Ha Ha” on your optimism! 5 hours of journey – 15 hours of work. 4 hours of productivity, 11 hours …

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Sep 06

Crap On Air….

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Call me old school or plain archaic but gone are the days when the Radio was considered a pleasant companion for a rainy day or a cool evening.  Songs played on it had become tender parts of our memories that would gush back everytime we’d hear those songs.  The moonlit night when mom fed us morsels …

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Jul 05

Update on Passport – A quickie…

Finally was able to get an appointment for tomorrow! I have decided to take every damn record I’ve had of mine since my birth and go there… let’s see how it goes…. watch this space!!!!!! Update: Got my passport within 3 weeks of submission of documents for renewal. Although all’s well that ends well, I …

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May 06

A Pain called Indian Passport Office!


Here’s a billion dollar question. Who is the jerk that came up with the design for the Indian Passport Website?, if anything is just another huge pain in the posterior.  It is ridiculous to think of the pain a legal citizen of this country has to go through to get a passport renewed. I …

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