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Feb 27

My Favorite Musicals from Hollywood – 2

Can you believe this???!!! Ofcourse you do!! This is not the first time I have delayed writing something on this space!! It’s been 4 months since I wrote here!! Last year in July I wrote about my favorite Hollywood musicals, and well, the time has now come to revisit that. So let’s continue our journey. …

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Jul 08

My Fav Musicals from Hollywood

Music – that enchanting and captivating melody that has encompassed every form of art and transformed them within and without.  I cannot conceive of anything around me which isn’t touched by sound – the sound of music. Movies are the one form of medium where the role of music had rendered itself essential even during …

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Aug 10

Timeless Beauties of Silver Screen – 1

Dedicated to the one n only RCB – my buds from CTS! Movies and Me – It is a rather strange relationship we share! What was once upon a time amongst my favorite pastimes, (what with the wonderful innovations called VCP, and the VCD, DVDs) has now degenerated to an estranged companionship thanks to the …

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Jun 04

Hrishikesh Mukherjee: A magician close home


A Note of thanks:  My first professional stint in India was with Cognizant Technology Solutions.  One of the most memorable aspects of CTS was Channel One- An online blogging forum.  It provided me the window of opportunity to interact with several of them, and thus forge some of the most precious connections that I cherish …

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Apr 13

Ghazals: My List of Favs – Part 1

When I first thought of writing something about my favorite ghazals from the movies, the question that struck me was whether I indeed knew what a Ghazal was! If you are like me (which I find highly unprobable! I am yet to meet a person with a brain the size of a de-hydrated pea!), you’d assume that …

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Jun 22

Life… In a Metro – 1

I had always maintained that compared to the idle musings that I write, this music spot has remained neglected. It doesn’t come to bear that I haven’t been hearing music at all. Well a hectic professional & personal life has surely has cut down on my splurges into music, but I have been hearing so many songs and …

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