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us raat... bahot baarish ho rahi thi...

Jun 18

Jayakka and Govindamma…

“Had I seen those two <bleep> guys, I would have taken my slippers and beaten them black and blue for doing this to you! Since you were a child, I’ve seen you grow in front of my eyes! Look how they’ve hurt you! I curse them! Oh how much badly did you suffer my child!” …

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Mar 10

Kabootar Ja…Ja…Jaa….

Not very long ago, I am sure you all remember the pomp and glory with which our esteemed self had announced its return to the home turf. The bon homie did last for sometime I must say, and now, our mommy dearie wants to get into the details. Just what are those specifics that she …

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Sep 15

Back to Basics!!

A rather long absence from bloggin’ eh? Well am back! (pipe down on all that cheers and ovations… and please take ur seats. Now, prepare for yet another monologue!) The Days are just getting busier… and off late the one thing that has often had my mind preoccupied during the times of siesta is my …

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Aug 26

To Do or Not To Do!

Girlssss!!! Even as I am writing this blog, my mind is in a h(m)aze! Why are they so enigmatic and mysterious?! I mean, I have spoken to so many of ’em, I still speak to so many of ’em… and yet am not able to decipher them! Jokes apart, can one really know when to …

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Aug 18

Megha sandesha – A poem of a dream!

Ok… here is the poem that I finally managed to put together! I dunno how it has turned out to be! Will let you guyz decide for now.. coz there isn’t quite someone who I could dedicate this to now, except the dream of someone… (Man! am I romantic..or am I romantic :P).

Aug 17

Through a poet’s eye!

From a long time, there was this urge in me to write a poem, in Kannada, titled “megha sandesha” – a letter through the clouds! I tried many times to write this, which resulted in the premature end of many pages lives! They are all now cursing me in the trash can! Well.. tragic as …

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