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One day in bengaluru..

Aug 12

Changes… changes..

Better late than never!! Even as I type the heading for this blog, my body shudders! Quite literally! How often have you wondered about the direction your life is taking? The decisions we make, the paths we choose?! No matter how much we feel and convince ourselves of our preparedness, the unraveling of the events …

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Jun 18

Jayakka and Govindamma…

“Had I seen those two <bleep> guys, I would have taken my slippers and beaten them black and blue for doing this to you! Since you were a child, I’ve seen you grow in front of my eyes! Look how they’ve hurt you! I curse them! Oh how much badly did you suffer my child!” …

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May 03

Ramblings on the way home….

Disclaimer:  When one writes with a rather pissed off outlook, seldom would they write about anything cheerful. So, my readers will have to bear with me on this post. 🙂 Traveling home in Bangalore traffic on a rainy day, can be either an enchanting experience, or a harrowing and excruciating torture depending on what one …

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Mar 01

Life… In a Metro – 2

Another song that I have really treasured in the movie is “Rishtey toh nahin..” sung by James and written by Syed Quadri and music by Pritam Chakraborthy. It has been a long time since a hard hitting song like this has been penned. Frankly the song holds mirror to many of the modern day relationships. …

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Jan 14

Life… In a Metro – 1

This new year I revived myself to get back into the writing habits that I had given up on most of my external domains. I had always maintained that compared to the idle musings that I write, this music spot has remained neglected. It doesn’t come to bear that I haven’t been hearing music at …

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