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Ant-Elephant syndrome

Aug 18

Crawlers and Creepers!!

Well Well.. after a very very laaang time.. I am back into the blogging foray!! Missed u all chums.. dearies!! Trust me! I did!! So well.. here is something to start us all with… but before u embark… Statutory Warnings:1. No this has nothing to do with preeetttty preettty flowers or plants!2. The first person …

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Nov 09

Jst 4 Fn!!

Oh! My revered readers I beg thee pardon for I hath refrained from providing thy honored presence with anything worthwhile to pen about. But lest, thou shalt all abandon me in grave disappointment, here I am, better being late than never, updating this haloed space, one that is glowing not by my incoherent talks, but …

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Mar 26

Dear Mr. Salif Rasaki…

From the laptop of,KYOUOWNWOH OUAGADOUGOUMy Apartment, Landlord’s building Complex,Boring City, Equally Boring State,Whachamacallit Country. NOTE:- The contents of this mail is absolutely public and highly non-consequential, and is absolutely aimed at digressing all limits of rationality and decency. It is aimed at ridiculing you and your institution, and any resemblance between you and an African …

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Feb 23

My Grouse on Weight Loss!

I am shooore that many of my friends who have seen me, would agree that I have no need whatsoever to workout! But then, my mom has quite a different perspective on my physical structurization. Alas! She is my mom and a damn adamant one at that! So when she gave me an ultimatum on …

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Feb 16

Hum pyaar karne waale!

Well, stupid cupid’s day is over!! I am sure he shot quite a few arrows! And just how many hit, and how many missed will be known before the year ends ;). And yeah, this blog including, all the media swayed for the romance in the air! There were celebrations of great romances and every …

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Jan 27


I was not so sure of myself! Can I do it? Must I do it? I was not so sure! You know.. it isn’t the same thing as Himanshu acting! He just doesn’t care if its acting or not! He just does it! On the other hand if only I was as deft as Mallika …

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