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Love its creativity... Hate its snobbishness

Feb 27

My Favorite Musicals from Hollywood – 2

Can you believe this???!!! Ofcourse you do!! This is not the first time I have delayed writing something on this space!! It’s been 4 months since I wrote here!! Last year in July I wrote about my favorite Hollywood musicals, and well, the time has now come to revisit that. So let’s continue our journey. …

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Aug 12

Farewell…Capt’n! Oh My Capt’n!

Today, this post will be just one among the many that may be written around the world – one of the many that have been written to express the deep anguish, shock and loss over the death of the genius comic icon – Robin Williams.  I usually try to avoid writing about “breaking news” events. …

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Jul 08

My Fav Musicals from Hollywood

Music – that enchanting and captivating melody that has encompassed every form of art and transformed them within and without.  I cannot conceive of anything around me which isn’t touched by sound – the sound of music. Movies are the one form of medium where the role of music had rendered itself essential even during …

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Dec 05

The Bridges of Madison County

One of the things am ever grateful for are my wonderful friends who’ve continuously inspired me for many things. One of my dear and close friend gave me the idea to start writing about my favorite movies.  And hence this new series wherein I want to share my thoughts on movies that have left an …

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Jun 27

Dear Nora Ephron…

Dear Nora, It is so unfair that you had to be taken away so soon! It seems so sudden and unexpected that I still am struggling to come to terms with the fact that you won’t be making movies anymore! They anyways have not numbered many, but whatever you made has stayed in my heart …

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Mar 16

An Oscar Weekend

The Iron Lady

The Academy Awards have come and gone. Personally, the highlight was Meryl Streep. I would’ve hurled every known curse on the committee if they had omitted Meryl this year.  She is one splendid actress, who should’ve broken the record for winning highest number of Oscar Awards by now, but for the ineptitude of the people …

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