Jul 29

Mr. Hyde……

Got into the Bus 333T (Volvo) near my office. There was a pleasant Kannada station playing on the radio. There were 2 girls from North (very coincidental… I hold nothing against them.. just their attitudes. Read on) started acting smart… passing ridiculous comments.. and making stupid remarks.. with their usual gusto! To top it off.. they started playing some stupid pop numbers on their laptop in full volume.
Couldn’t tolerate it.. mouthed off.. and before getting down… called them B*******! I know I lost my cool.. I also know that I wanted to lose it.


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  1. Anonymous

    kinda liked what u did :). no need to tolerate such nonsense(hmm… hard to expect that from the intelligent idiots) in the public places.

  2. Manjesh

    lol..inthavarige avagaavaga servicing maaDta irbeku :))
    Way 2 Go man!!!

  3. M A N U

    Enda moune B**** paranyo? …. Enda cheta!!!!

  4. Praveen

    @Manji: Thanks kaNla…. neenirbEkittu… sariyaagi joteyaagi paaTha kalisbahudittu

  5. Praveen

    @Manja (My room mate): adEnandyo… adE!! 😛

  6. Praveen

    @Anon: Well.. I can tell u this much.. I enjoyed doing it as much too!! 😀 Kinda.. made me take a deep breathe when I got off the bus!!

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